Guidlines for Authors

Supplemental Material

Supplemental Material

Inquest is willing to consider publishing supplements to regular issues whenever it is appropriate.

The supplements may be requested by the authors when

  • The amount of material is too vast to include in the main body of the paper.
  • The material is in a format that cannot be represented as a printed copy (i.e. audio, video, 3D representations and other media as well as pictures and tables).
  • The journal editor, editor(s)-in-chief or an editorial board member may wish to commission a supplement on a particular theme or topic.

Supplemental material should be intended to provide additional information to enhance the main material and may directly be referenced within the text, but is not critical to its proclamations. There will be no limitations on the number or the type of supplemental material authors may include, but we do require that they provide an authentic, relevant and useful expansion of the article and that the expansions are well described as figures and tables included within the body of the article. Authors are encouraged to send the material with good metadata of this material since they are key to discoverability and usefulness.

Article type specifications will include the expected article lengths, illustrations, table limits and references.

For detailed information on formatting and submitting supplementary information, please write to us