Submission Instructions

Supplemental Material & Data

Supplemental Material & Data

Although Inquest does not limit the number or type of Supplemental Material authors may include, we would request them to make sure that the given supplementary is a relevant and useful expansion of the main publication. It’s alright if the extension is well described with figures and tables included within the body of the article. Good metadata of this supplementary is a key to achieve decent discoverability and usefulness. All Supplemental Material shall include the following guidelines:

Type and number: There are no restrictions about naming the Supplemental material if that the files are named consistently, having numbers preceded by “S” and closed with a period. For example,

  • Figure S1
  • Table S1
  • Text S1
  • Video S1
  • Animation S1

The titles of Figures, Tables, Videos, Animations should not have more than 15 words and set in bold type, following the standard sentence case.

In all instances, it is important that the journal’s integrity and academic reputation are not compromised in any way.