Guidlines for Authors

Publication Charges

Publication Charges

Inquest is an Open Access Journal platform which doesn’t charge its readers for accessing the material. All the Manuscripts, articles and research material are available for the medical practitioners, researchers, clinical professionals, medical enthusiasts, the scientific community and general readers across the globe to read, download and distribute. The material of every medium shall be properly cited under the terms of "Creative Commons Attribution License" for the readers. In conformity with other open access journals, we present a flat fee structure for submissions (depending upon the type of the content) on the acceptance of a peer-reviewed article that covers in part the totality of the publication pathway (the article-processing charge).

Being a self-supporting entity, Inquest’s business model consists of Article Processing Charges (APCs) to cover production costs to support our continuance, submission, peer review practices, copy editing, graphics conversion, publication, online hosting, submissions to global web indexing, archiving and also covers the rest of the production expenses.

Aricle Types
Research $1200
Review $1000
Short Article $500
Funded Research $2200

No payment information will be requested before an article is accepted, so the author(s) ability to pay cannot affect the editorial decisions. Accepted articles will only be published once complete payment has been received. Inquest does not refund the APCs once paid.