Submission Instructions

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscript Preparation

Manuscript preparation guidelines of Inquest are adapted from those developed for ‘International Committee of Medical Journal Editors’. To ensure the Manuscript to move through the peer-review process smoothly and quickly, authors are suggested to pay careful attention to these guidelines. Submissions to Inquest shall contain of the following components:

Cover letter (Mandatory)

A mandatory staple along with the Manuscript submission. The letter should state the author(s) interest to submit the manuscript for the consideration for publication in Inquest. The cover letter must consist the author details and in case of multiple authors, the significant contribution of each. The letter must summarize the original work and how is it a worthy contribution to scientific literature. The cover letter must be signed by all the authors, researchers and contributors. Requests for APC/Publication Fee waiver or rebate will not be considered through the cover letter. Any APC related discussions or bargains will only be entertained upon the approval of the submitted Manuscript.


An abstract is a short and precise note that describes the nature of the research/investigation. The abstract should be of 200–250 words and needs to be composed giving a brief outline of the work that has been carried out.

Introduction and Authorship Information

All the submitted articles should list each author’s contribution individually at the end, including their complete names, mailing address of the institution and their email addresses. This section may also include contributors who’ve supported in various stages of compiling the Manuscript but does not qualify as authors.

Manuscript (Mandatory)

All the submissions made to Inquest shall follow the instructions mentioned in ‘Guidelines for Authors’. The number of words, figures, as well as the length of the supporting information are mentioned in that section. We do encourage authors to employ a clear, concise, and accessible writing style. If author(s) believe that their manuscripts would benefit from professional editing, we encourage them to utilize a Copy-editing service—or ask a colleague whose native language is English for assistance. All the Manuscripts (depending upon the type of work) shall start with the following sections – Title, Authors and Affiliations, Abstract, Key words, Abbreviations and Symbols. The Manuscripts are expected to end with the following sections – authorship and contributorship, acknowledgments, funding information, competing interest, references, supplement material, tables, figures, units of measurements, equations, mathematical scripts, special characters and foot notes.

Results and Discussions

This section encourages the authors to bring out their key experimental results, including any statistical analysis and discussions of whether or not the results of their study are significant with other researchers and/or contributors. Author(s) are suggested to present their results in a logical sequence of text or in the form of tables/figures/illustrations wherever feasible, in an order by keeping main or most important findings first. Please avoid claiming priority and referring to work that has not been completed. State any new hypotheses when warranted, but clearly label them as such.

Conclusion Statement

Please state the primary conclusions and their implications. Suggest the potential areas for further research if appropriate. It is strongly suggested not to go beyond the subject of the article.

Supplemental Material

A set of supplementary and raw data can be placed in the journal alongside the main article although at Inquest, we prefer raw data to be made publicly available and linked to a suitable source. We may request that you separate out some material into supplementary data files to split the main manuscript and make it clearer for readers to go through.


It is always a good practice to add the consent of cited content and individuals. This section encourages the author(s) to mention the individuals or contributors who have directly or indirectly gave any technical assistance or inspired the original Manuscript and would not be considered to list under ‘The list of Authors’. Before sending the submission, the authors must seek the consent of the individuals, whom they would like to mention in this section out of courtesy.


We prefer Vancouver System for referencing, with a unique number assigned to each citation marked in the manuscript. The same reference number shall be mentioned while repeating in the citation. The numbering can be written in brackets or as superscript without brackets.