Editorial & Publishing Policies

Copyright & License Agreements

Copyright & License Agreements

Inquest seeks an exclusive license from Authors that allows us to publish the article in the chosen journal and sublicence the rights to other associated journals.

We ask the main author of each submission to grant an exclusive license (or non-exclusive license for authors who are applicable) on behalf of all authors by understanding and accepting to the following Open Access Agreement at the point of submission:

“I [THE CORRESPONDING AUTHOR’S NAME], the Author of this submission has the right to grant and does grant on behalf of all the contributing authors of the Work on a worldwide, perpetual, irreversible, royalty-free basis to “Inquest”, its licensees and wherever the relevant Journal is co-owned by Inquest to the co-owners of the Journal, to publish the Work in [JOURNAL Title] and any other Inquest submissions and to exploit all rights, as set out in our licence [link].”

At the time of article submission, authors are asked to acknowledge their agreement to the Inquest Open Access Creative Commons license (CC-BY), under which, the authors retain ownership of the copyright of their articles but however, any user shall download, print out, extract, reuse, archive and distribute the article, so long as the author(s) and the source of the work are given their courteous credit. The CC license makes sure that the article is available as widely as possible and that the article can be included in every possible scientific archive.

Inquest ensures not only the widest distribution possible, but also the greatest impact, by allowing other journals and readers to cite, re-purpose, and build upon existing published research.